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Tim Warren

I'm a semi-retired DIY'er that's always doing projects around the house. My old set of drills are just high speed steel and they dull quickly. They are also just thrown together in a box. They are really a pain to sort through when looking for the drill I need. I love the way these are perfectly organized into a case that even shows you the drill size held in each compartment (see photo). The case is heavy duty and made of metal (see photo). It should hold up well and last a long time. I am also looking forward to using the titanium coated bits over and over again. I've only used them for about a week now, but so far they have held up very well. I would highly recommend.

John Panzera

I just purchased these drill bits last week to replace my old set. I'm extremely happy with them. I needed new bits for some home improvement projects I'm working on. I was very glad to have several bits in each size because I'm prone to losing them, and if one broke, I had another readily available. They come in a metal case and the sizes are pictured on the underside of the cover, so that you can see exactly what size is where, eliminating time wasted in confusion. They're strong bits and they go right through wood and drywall. I'm surprised they're so inexpensive, honestly. I'm glad to have this quality set of drill bits.


These will definitely serves the purpose for our upcoming projects this Summer. It appear to be a good quality product, sharp and it makes neat and clean holes. This set comes in a small carrying case for safe keeping. Drill bits are on metric sizes which is what my husband is looking for. We are pleased with this purchased so far! For the price, you can’t beat the value.


Purchased drill set for model kit building. A lot of small drill bits at a great price. The bits are well machined, straight, and sturdy. Using a small non-powered hand drill, I used a couple of the small bits to easily drill holes through styrene plastic without damaging the bits. The drilled holes were clean and precise. I have broken bits in the past and I purchased this drill set to have spares, and so far, the drill set quality has exceeded my expectations. I am happy with my purchase.


I bought this as a gift for our son-in-law who is a building contractor/handyman and is definitely a real 'tool guy'. He loves it! The metal case with handle makes it very convenient and keeps it organized. It contains all sizes he needs with multiple bits in the popular sizes. I think I need to get one of these for my husband now!

Steve T.

A great price for some high quality drills. They feel very sharp. I've used on PT wood and aluminum pipe and the drills started the hole easy and went right through without heavy pressure. There are 2 or 3 of each larger size and increasingly more of each drill size as they get smaller. This is nice because it is pretty easy to break the smaller drill sizes, so this way you don't have to fret when you do so--just grab another. All the drills come in a sturdy metal case with a nice clasp that won't come unlatched and spill the drills. A foam layer on the top lid keeps the drills in their respective compartments; plus the little ones are in little plastic bags. Nice product.


I work in construction and I go through drill bits. This is a nice set. Lots of drill bits for the money and good quality. I like the way the box is. I had another set that had a box with an inner piece that the bits fit into. They would come out and the inner piece would hit them and the box would not close. This just has compartments that the bits fit in. It's a simpler design and better. This is a metric set so you won't find 1/4" in here. They work fine for me.